About PowerMama®

A training programme for pregnant women, women who gave birth recently and women with pregnancy related complaints. During the programme women will work on strength, stability, flexibility and endurance. All important muscle groups are treated and there is extra attention for specific muscle groups such as the pelvic floor and the core.

After the programme the participants have a good basis to do sports themselves, know what to look out for and what the “red flags” are. The aim is a healthy pregnancy and recovery of the mother and a good start for the baby. Next to the training, the participants will get in touch with other (expecting) moms, they get support from this, they can ask advice and share experiences with each other. This way the mothers get stronger, fitter and more resiliant, physically and mentally.

  • The PowerMama Programme is recognised by the Dutch Ministry of public health, welfare and sports and is proven to be effective
  • It’s the only programme that combines functional training with theoretical knowledge about pregnancy and postpartum recovery
  • PowerMama Coaches are well educated with continues training
  • PowerMama works closely with pelvic floor kinetherapists, midwifes and other experts